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the shack nairobi logo

A Kenyan eatery that satisfies all your burger cravings.


Nairobi West: Magharibi place, just a few metres from T-mall on Mai Mahiu Rd.

Westlands: Sarit Center along Karuna Road. Look for our artsy foodtruck to the right after entering Sarit's gate along Karuna Road.

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We serve the best burgers in Nairobi.

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Cash, Mpesa Till Number

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We're launching a new service!

We run a restaurant & understand your pain to get fresh & affordable groceries during these COVID-19 times.

Supermarkets are crowded, expensive and their farm produce is not always fresh.

Our suppliers get us fresh produce on a daily basis and we'd love to extend the benefits to you. Affordable grocery delivery to your doorstep.